You are currently viewing Gaan we er komen met ventilatie als nieuwe basisregel?

Are we going to get there with ventilation as the new basic rule?

Finally, ventilation!

Experts have been pointing out for a long time: the importance of good ventilation to get this corona pandemic under control. After the House of Representatives debate of 14 July 2021, the cabinet advises that working from home should become the norm again and that ventilation should be added to the basic rules against corona. Is ventilation finally the solution we have been waiting for a year and a half?

A mecca for 'flyers'

In our blog 'How do we break the 'lockdown' circle ?' In October 2020, we already went deeper into the science behind the spread of the virus: the coronavirus falls under the category 'Kites', a virus that piggybacks on small air particles and can infect new hosts when inhaled.

Cool, dry indoor air without a supply of fresh air is a 'walhalla' for Vliegers, according to epidemiologist Menno Jan Bouma. Multiple scientists, including the hundreds of undersigned of the Call to Action  from the beginning of July 2020, the government has been pointing out for more than a year that the solution can be found in good ventilation of indoor spaces.

Our neighboring countries have been working on ventilation and air purification for months

The need for ventilation and air quality has already penetrated our neighboring countries for some time. Where the Netherlands mainly focused on limiting contact moments between people, our neighboring countries were busy determining and limiting environmental factors that ensure that the virus can spread more quickly.
For example, Germany made subsidies available to several provinces to air purifiers in schools and in Belgium Co2 meters have been mandatory since February at, for example, hairdressers.

In the United States, too, scientists have been working for more than a year on improving the ventilation and cleaning of the air in indoor spaces in order to prevent spreading. With the quote 'the science is clear: well-ventilated buildings are safer buildings' more than 100,000 air purifiers have already been installed in schools. In September 2021, the expectation that each of New York's 56,000 classrooms will be equipped with a minimum of two air purifiers so that children can being able to go to school safely.

Ventilation is the first step, air purification offers the complete solution

Adding ventilation to the basic rules against corona is an excellent first step to making indoor spaces safer, but science shows that fresh air alone is not enough. Ventilation ensures that fresh air enters the room and that polluted air is 'diluted' as a result. This means that virus particles can still be present, but to a lesser extent.

Professional air purifiers with HEPA filters and UV-C light treatment ensure that all virus particles that pass through the system are rendered harmless. Air cleaning systems with a capacity of 750m³/h can completely clean areas of 120m² every 20 minutes. Our tip? Choose quality and enough power (CADR).

Join the fight against corona with AirExchange®, just like our neighboring countries

The mission of AirExchange® is to help Dutch society out of this negative circle of lockdowns by making every indoor space a safe place. With our specially developed filter combination of, among other things, a HEPA filter, TiO2 Ionizer and a UV-C light treatment, we fight the corona virus and ensure that an interior is actively purified of harmful 'flyers'.

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems are delivered throughout Europe. We are therefore trying to broaden the support base for air purification in society in the Netherlands, by creating more awareness about the importance of good air quality. Whether it concerns the coronavirus, bacteria, fungi, pollen, particulate matter, gases, office spaces, living rooms, sports halls or treatment rooms, we will solve it.

Are you curious about what our air cleaning systems can do for you? Read here more about our technology or use our smart cleaning-calculator to determine how quickly your space can be cleaned!