Built-In Systems

Upgrade your existing
ventilation system

AirExchange Built-In System

3 reviews

Easy to integrate into existing ventilation ducts or to connect to heat recovery systems. Black design, combined with powerful filter properties. Cleaning capacity up to 2500 m³/h.

€1497,- incl. VAT

In stock

Tube ventilator

1 review

Powerful tube fan with an air displacement of up to 2350 m³/h. Easy to connect to the built-in system. Including stepless speed controller.

€725,- incl. VAT

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Creating a healthy indoor air climate with the help of air purification and humidification is our most important mission! We see ourselves as a specialist when it comes to a healthy working and living environment and we are always enthusiastic to advise you!

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A good indoor air quality without pollutants and pathogens is very important and could prevent medical complaints such as allergic reactions, coughing and respiratory problems.

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