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AirExchange Breeze

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A stylish humidifier with an elegant, white design. Powerful nebulization up to 350ml/h. UV-C water filtration, 39 °C heated mist option and SMART mode. Suitable for rooms up to 60m².

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AirExchange Breeze

10 reviews

A premium humidifier with a timeless, black design. Powerful humidification up to 350 ml/h. UV-C water filtration, 39°C heated mist option and SMART-mode. Suitable for rooms up to 60m².

€325,- incl. VAT

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Want to know more about humidification?

Humidity greatly affects the spreading of dangerous pollutants in the air. A humidity level of 65% or higher is advised to reduce the spreading of (fine)dust, viruses and bacteria.

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