AirExchange Breeze Black

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The AirExchange® Breeze is a professional humidifier that can humidify your room at lightning speed.

The device has a timeless and stylish design. The housing consists of high-quality polymers, finished with a black colored, soft-touch coating. The mist outlet is made of copper-colored, bead-blasted, anodized aluminum.

The system is equipped with an air filter that captures dust particles from the air. Furthermore, the UV-C light treatment cleans the water of bacteria and other unwanted substances with an effectiveness of more than 99.99%.

With the internal heating function it is possible to heat the mist to a comfortable temperature of 39°C. In addition, it is possible to add your favorite fragrance to the mist.

The AirExchange® Breeze has a water tank of 4.5L and a maximum mist output of 350ml/h, which is suitable for rooms up to 60m².

Intelligent sensors

With SMART mode enabled, the system measures the humidity level and automatically determines the humidification rate.

Enjoy a healthy and pleasant living and working environment in peace, with minimal efforts.

39°C heated, gentle mist

The AirExchange® Breeze is equipped with an internal heating element. With this function, the humidifier heats the mist to a pleasant temperature of 39°C.

The air in your room remains at skin temperature, so that no one is bothered by cold drafts.

Effective air and water filtration

The AirExchange® Breeze is equipped with powerful UV-C (267nm) light treatment that damages the photolytic processes in the cell nuclei of microorganisms in the water, eliminating them.

This way you don't have to replace the water as often and you don't have to worry about the water quality.

In addition, the device is equipped with a special air filter. The filter removes contaminants from the intake air. With this, only clean air particles are mixed with the (heated) mist. 

Enjoy your favorite scents

It is possible to add aromas and oil to the Breeze, with which the humidifier can spread your favorite scent throughout the room.

Simply add oil to the mist outlet and enjoy the fragrance, the ambiance, energy and relaxation that it will give you.

Do you have a room that could use some freshening up? Perhaps an air cleaning system is also worth considering!

Interactive touch panel and a stylish remote control

A stylish product is of course not complete without a stylish remote control.

With this remote control you can easily determine the humidification speed, activate the timer function, switch the heating element on or off and activate the lighting. 

Are you near the device? Then you can also use the touch panel to operate the system.

Ideal humidity for wooden furniture and floors

Humidification can help protect wood furniture from drying out and warping. Wood is a natural product that is sensitive to changes in moisture, which can cause it to shrink and expand. If it is too dry, furniture and floors can warp and cracks can appear.

By keeping the moisture content in balance, furniture is less likely to dry out and warp.

Maximum safety guaranteed

Safety is our top priority. That is why our systems have been extensively tested by independent, accredited test institutes and live up to the strictest requirements and standards for product safety and the release of harmful by-products, such as ozone gas.

Are you curious about the official test reports? Please contact us.

AirExchange Breeze Humidifier

With this professional air humidification system, a healthy and safe living and working environment is guaranteed.
Breathe a sigh of relief, because the humidity level is perfect!

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