What is the "ideal" temperature?

To focus, for most persons around 20˚C is the perfect temperature. In the bedroom 16 to 18˚C is usually sufficient, because a cooler temperature contributes to a good night's sleep. 

Yet the ideal temperature differs for everyone. Where one person is feeling hot in a T-shirt, the other can be cold at the same time in a thick sweater.

On this page we provide advice on useful, energy-efficient products that can help create a pleasant temperature. We also give tips to easily save energy and money!

Watch the energy consumption!

Saving energy is more important than ever. Cooling and heating a room takes a lot of energy, so we are happy to provide tips on how to do this as cost-efficiently as possible.

The first step is to insulate the room by closing the windows and doors. Good insulation ensures that you lose as little heat/cold as possible.

The most important step is to pay close attention to the energy label when purchasing a device. An energy-efficient system with a high efficiency requires less energy to cool and heat efficiently, which saves a lot of energy costs!

Good humidity helps against dry skin
Good humidity makes plants happy

How do I keep my room cool?

Everyone longs for a pleasant, cool house after a hot summer day. There are a number of devices that can help with this:

A fan moves the air making it feel cooler in the room, but the effective temperature remains the same. A fan works well for temporary cooling, but this is often accompanied by noise and blowing dust.

Mobile air conditioners lower the temperature by drawing in air and cooling it with refrigerant. A large exhaust hose is required to dissipate the heat. The cooling efficiency of these devices is relatively low, so the energy consumption is much higher than that of a fan. In addition, a mobile air conditioner also makes considerably more noise.

Smart heat pumps, also known as 'Monoblocks', are multifunctional systems that use environmentally friendly refrigerant to lower the temperature. The advantage of a Monoblock is relatively low energy consumption, little noise and often they can also heat as an extra function.

How do I stay warm in the freezing winter months?

Cold hands and feet make it difficult to concentrate and even more difficult to fall asleep. Many homes and offices have heater radiators, but with the current gas prices it is advised to keep them out as long as possible.

Separate heaters generate warmth with radiant heat, but these also use a lot of energy and they can often only heat a very small part of a room.

A Monoblock heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient options for heating. This system can also work as reverse air conditioning: the system is able to extract heat from the outside air and uses refrigerant to heat the room. 

Why should I choose a Monoblock Heat Pump?

A Monoblock heat pump is suitable for all seasons. In the cold months, a Monoblock helps to heat the air and in the summer the system works as a very effective air conditioner. 

Because the device exchanges heat with the outside air by using a refrigerant, it takes less energy to heat and cool the air than other devices. 

With this high efficiency and whisper-quiet performance, a Monoblock has a very quick return on investment.


The advantages of a Monoblock heat pump!

In addition to energy-efficient heating and cooling, a Monoblock has a number of other advantages:

  • Installing a Monoblock can be done easily and without an installer.
  • The device is stylish and elegant.
  • A large, noisy outdoor unit is not necessary.
  • The device uses environmentally friendly refrigerant.
  • Our Monoblock can also dehumidify and clean the air.
  • The color of the system is entirely up to you!