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German schools massively choose AirExchange®

In recent months, the German government has invested heavily in creating safe learning environments for their children. After the recent developments from the United States, where 56,000 classrooms in New York alone are equipped with air purifiers, the German provinces have also chosen to actively invest in a virus-free environment within the schools. Large regions such as Baden-Württemberg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria/Bayern are making millions of euros available to provide the premises with better ventilation or air cleaning systems. 

The 'open-window' dilemma

Now that the trees in the Netherlands have shed their leaves and the days are getting shorter and shorter, the cold is slowly entering our country. And the Dutch government advises: open the windows!

'Master, can you close the window?'is one of the most frequently asked questions a teacher has been confronted with in the past year. A heated discussion then ensues, in which the teacher has to weigh the increased risk of virus infection against a comfortable learning environment. Completely unnecessary if the interior is actively cleaned and short ventilation is provided on a regular basis. 

We have made a brief summary of the adverse consequences of the 'open-window' policy;

  • Students and teachers often stand shivering in class
  • Students and teachers are more susceptible and have an increased chance of getting ill
  • The ability to concentrate decreases by as much as 50% (!)
  • Energy costs are rising significantly (especially with the recent energy price increases)
AirExchange - Air purifier at school
AirExchange - Air Purifier in Kindergarten

Reduce the risk of infections

The AirExchange® systems are underlined and used by more and more European institutions. With the help and unparalleled commitment of our German colleagues and local government agencies, we have succeeded in equipping all the spaces of dozens of schools and nurseries with our air cleaning systems.

The AirExchange® air purifiers actively purify the indoor air with, among other things, a HEPA H14 filter and UV-C light treatment and thus significantly reduce the risk of virus transmission. With a cleaning capacity (CADR level) of up to 750m3/h, the rooms will be completely cleaned several times per hour, without any form of noise nuisance.

AirExchange - 750-T Classroom Air Purifier
AirExchange - 600-T in classroom

The affordable solution to the 'open-window' dilemma

Clean air in schools is also becoming increasingly important in the Netherlands. More and more educational institutions are faced with the choice of adapting the existing ventilation system or installing mobile air cleaning systems in classrooms. 

Wanneer we deze twee oplossingen tegen elkaar afwegen, dan zien we dat de kosten voor het plaatsen van mobiele luchtreinigers vele malen lager zijn dan het volledig aanpassen van het ventilatiesysteem (zelfs met de SUVIS-regeling). Ook hoeven klaslokalen niet tijdelijk gesloten te worden, zoals wel het geval is bij werkzaamheden om de ventilatiekanalen aan te passen.

Mobile air cleaning systems can therefore provide a lot of relief within the school board in the short (and long) term.


Team AirExchange® is extremely grateful to be able to contribute to making classrooms and workspaces safer across Europe. We look forward to realizing many more similar projects.

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AirExchange - Professional Air Purifier classroom