You are currently viewing AirExchange® is ‘official partner’ van Office Depot® | Viking®

AirExchange® is ‘official partner’ from Office Depot® | Viking®

One total solution for all workplace requirements


Office Depot ® | Viking ® is a leading provider of general office supplies, furniture, hygiene, catering products, printing and marketing solutions. Office Depot ® | Viking ® is a supplier of well-known brands such as; 3M, HP, Legamaster and Tork and now also from Air Exchange®

Have you ever bought printer paper or ink cartridges?
Then chances are good that they were delivered via Office Depot ® | Viking ®.


As an office supply specialist, Office Depot ® | Viking ® offer a wide range of products and service solutions for office furnishing. With nearly 2000 locations around the world, items are delivered at lightning speed. This way you can be sure that your office can be properly and carefully decorated.

Safe back to the office

Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic is having enormous economic consequences. Now that the tipping point is in sight, more and more companies are daring to invite their employees back to the office. The demand for a healthy and virus-free indoor climate for office spaces has therefore increased dramatically .

Certain adjustments are necessary to achieve this healthy and virus-free indoor climate and to allow staff to work safely in the office again. Fortunately, these adjustments do not have to be drastic or expensive. With the Stand-Alone air cleaning systems from
AirExchange ® the indoor climate is automatically and effectively cleaned.

Our collaboration

Together with Office Depot ® | Viking ® we are going to provide the office sector with clean air. By effectively cleaning rooms from viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, particulate matter and much more, everyone will soon be able to return to the office with a sense of relief. But then version 2.0, where the air is even cleaner than before.

Because healthy air is extremely important in the office!