You are currently viewing ‘Een wereldhit door coronacrisis’ – AirExchange® in het nieuws

'A worldwide breakthrough due to the corona crisis' - AirExchange® in the local news

'Yes, we're in the newspaper again!', it sounded at the family breakfast table on Thursday, December 2, 2021!

Last year we had the privilege of hosting an interview for the AD – Groene Hart. And now, one year later, we were again honored to give a new update.

One year later. And what a lot can happen in one year! In recent years, AirExchange® has grown from a family start-up to an international company that is active throughout entire Europe, Scandinavia and even in the Middle East.

We are so grateful for our fantastic customers, who trust us to make the indoor climate safer!

Several news editors wrote a great article about the steps we are currently taking.

Read the article of the AD – Groene Hart here.
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Read the article by De PZC here.

Team AirExchange® wishes you a great and above all a safe day!