Our innovative electronics on the Herweck AG Perspectives Fair

AirExchange® presenting to hundreds of retailers

Enthusiastic and fully charged, the AirExchange® team returned from Saarlouis after participating in the Herweck AG Perspectives Fair!

Herweck specializes in technological solutions in the field of electronics, ICT, telecom and multimedia.

At this fair we were able to present our unique VORTEX technology and advanced filtration techniques to hundreds of retailers, wholesalers and other interested parties.

Watch the video for an impression and to get a positive summer feeling!

Will you be our new partner?

In the office industry, working with multiple people in a room is unavoidable. Our systems clean contaminants as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that everyone can return to the office with a sense of security.

To reach our customers, we work together with distributors, retailers and experts in the HVAC field.

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