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With the AirExchange® 12-R Monoblock your room always has the right temperature! Thanks to a combination of the latest, environmentally friendly techniques and the powerful capacity, this system can cool and heat your room at lightning speed and cost-efficiently (energy class A+). 

In addition, with the dehumidification mode, the device can extract up to 34 liters of moisture from the room per day. Thanks to the built-in filter, the device cleans the indoor air of dust, pollen, odors and harmful fumes.

The air currents are particularly low-noise and the powder-coated steel housing gives the system an elegant appearance. The device can be fully controlled remotely with the remote control or with the handy WiFi application, available via Google Play and in the App Store.

The system is easy to install and works without an outdoor unit. The 12-R is suitable for rooms up to 80m².

4-in-1 multifunctional air conditioner

✓  Cooling
Thanks to the high cooling capacity of up to 3.5 kW (12,000 btu/h), even the warmest rooms will be wonderfully cool. And this with a maximum power consumption of only 1.3kW/h.

The AirExchange® 12-R has a heating capacity of 2.9kW (10,000btu/h) with a maximum power consumption of only 0.8kW/h. 

In addition, the 12-R is equipped with an 800W electric heating element that serves as extra heating for the coldest days or for rooms where the heat pump is used as the sole heating source.

✓  Dehumidifying
With a dehumidification capacity of up to 34 liters per day, the system is ideal for rooms with mold or moisture problems.

✓  Cleaning
The AirExchange® 12-R is equipped with a professional filter combination that effectively cleans the room of dust, pollen, odors and harmful fumes.

Stylish finish
without outdoor unit

Our system works with only two outside grilles for the supply and exhaust of air.

Powerful performances combined with design

We think the appearance of our air conditioners is just as important as the functionality. That is why our designers went looking for the perfect balance between design & functionality.

The Elements 12-R combines powerful cooling and heating performance with an elegant and timeless appearance. And all this with the smartest and most energy-efficient technologies of the moment.

Eliminate harmful particles

The 12-R fiber mesh filter with activated carbon removes more than 99% of particles with a size of 10µm, making it effective in eliminating pollen, mold and dust particles. In addition, the activated carbon also removes volatile substances, such as odors, gases and noxious fumes.

Pollen 10-100μm

eg Grass pollen

Fungi 1-30μm

eg S. Chartarum

(fine) dust 0.3-100μm

eg Soot particles

Volatile Compounds 0.05μm

eg Formaldehyde

You are always in control with our convenient application

With our handy app you can read and operate your AirExchange® 12-R Monoblock anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at home or at work, you are always in control!

Coming home in the perfect temperature? Simply set a work schedule so that the Monoblock knows exactly when to start.

The application is available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

Or use the remote control

A product is of course not complete without a handy remote control.

With this remote control you can easily determine the temperature and wind speed from a distance, lock the system, or switch your AirExchange® 12-R Monoblock on and off.

Maximum safety guaranteed

Safety is our top priority. That is why our systems have been extensively tested by independent, accredited test institutes and live up to to the strictest requirements and standards in the field of product safety and the release of harmful by-products.

Are you curious about the official test reports? Please contact us.

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An optimum temperature is guaranteed with this powerful air conditioner heat pump.
Enjoy silent, sustainable and energy-efficient cooling and/or heating.

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