Installation Monoblock Air Conditioning

From €425,- incl. VAT 

Plan it now!

Our AirExchange® Elements 12-R Monoblock is easy to install by yourself and does not require a certified installer. Watch our installation video here for the full explanation.

Would you rather like us to install the system for you? We are happy to help!

In collaboration with the professional installers of our regular installation partner, we ensure that the Monoblock is installed in your space within a short time.

Unlike traditional air conditioners, our Monoblock does not require major renovations or complex installation processes. There is also no need for a noisy outdoor unit. An exterior wall is chosen for the installation. 2 holes of 180mm and 1 hole of 25mm are drilled in this wall, after which the system can be installed. The holes are closed on the outside with two mesh grilles.

After installation, you will be provided with clear instructions on how to use and maintain the system. Our installers are always ready to answer your questions and solve any problems.

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