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Lifemaxx® & AirExchange® join forces

Lifemaxx ® (the supplier of fitness and CrossFit materials)


Lifemaxx® and AirExchange® are combining forces and form a new partnership to make sport centers, Personal Training studios and CrossFit locations virus-free.


Lifemaxx® has been the supplier of professional fitness and CrossFit materials for 30 years. A large, international company with an unprecedented range of the latest materials and accessories for the professional fitness industry. From treadmills, Air Bikes, CrossFit materials, fitness equipment, Olympic benches, dumbbells, barbells, yoga materials and now also the AirExchange® air cleaning systems!

Crossmaxx® and LMX®

Lifemaxx® supplies under Private Label: Crossmaxx®, professional material for High-Intensity training. Chances are your local CrossFit gym is equipped with these materials and is causing the athletes a lot of muscle pain!

Private label LMX® offers a very extensive line of modern, high-quality fitness materials. Think of racks, bars, yoga supplies, benches, weights and functional fitness materials. In short: everything for a healthy lifestyle.


In addition, Lifemaxx® is the exclusive distributor of the well-known and innovative brands; Suples®, Bulgarian Bag, Vicore® Fitness, TRYON®, PT4Pro®, Concept2® and Assault® Fitness.


Our collaboration

Lifemaxx® and AirExchange® join forces to contribute to a healthy sports and living environment. This allows athletes, trainers, instructors and gym owners to breathe carefree again.

Healthy air is extremely important, especially during exercise! Therefore, take a deep breath..