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Innovative air cleaning against Corona and harmful aerosols

Ventilation against corona in the autumn and winter months

The year 2020 has brought us into a new reality, one in which corona (COVID-19) determines our day-to-day business. The second wave with an increased number of infections is now an irreversible fact. 

Despite all the advice and measures to ventilate as much as possible, closed spaces remain one of the largest sources of infection. Harmful aerosols released during sneezing and coughing linger in the room, whereby an open window or internal ventilation proves insufficiently effective to efficiently clean the room of virus particles.

Ventilation systems in gyms and offices often only provide moderate recirculation, whereby the "used" air is blown back into the same room without adding clean outside air. An open window certainly ensures the supply of clean air, but with the falling outside temperatures of the upcoming autumn and winter months, the cold and rain makes it a lot less pleasant to continue to ventilate in this way.

Internal ventilation in buildings therefore does not appear to be completely 'Corona-proof' and constant ventilation with the help of an open window is not feasible in the cold months. But which alternatives can effectively make the air in indoor spaces virus-free?

Indoor aerosols, our greatest enemy?

Let's take a look at what we now know with certainty about how this virus spreads. Corona is extremely contagious, that's for sure. From the start of the pandemic it was clear that the virus spreads via the relatively large droplets that are released when sneezing and coughing. These then settle on the ground, within a maximum radius of 1.5 meters.

Scientists all over the world now agree that the virus can also spread via small droplets (aerosols) that remain in the air. This means that it doesn't necessarily take a coughing fit to get infected.

For example, a 25-year-old Chinese woman indirectly infected 71 people by taking the elevator once in her apartment complex.

Although the particles are imperceptible to the naked eye, aerosols may well be our worst enemy right now.

How do we effectively protect ourselves against Corona, without having to wear our jacket all winter long?

The answer can be found in a new technology that has only recently become available on the market. In contrast to internal ventilation in buildings, there are also air cleaning systems that use filters to purify the ambient air and thereby actively kill virus particles and bacteria.

The air in a room is absorbed by these cleaners and then recirculated, whereby all the sucked-in air is cleaned with the aid of filters. This ensures that the air expelled after the process is even purer than clean outside air.

Ionizers & UV-C lamps against viruses, bacteria and harmful aerosols

There are a number of filter types that are extremely efficient in combating virus particles, bacteria and fungi, but also filters that purify the air from, for example, smoke, (fine) dust and pollen. Examples of filters that help to effectively purify ambient air are;

► Pre-filters with fiber mesh and steralisation non-woven fabric; these keep out dust, hair, pollen and skin flakes.
► HEPA filters; these purify the air of bacteria, fungi and viruses and are also used in aircraft, for example.
► Carbon filters; this type of filter removes volatile organic substances and vapors, such as smoke, gases, odors and harmful substances such as benzene.
► Ionizers; With the aid of Titanium Dioxide ionization, microorganisms are bombarded with protons and subsequently eliminated.

In addition to filters, UV-C light also works to damage and definitively break down the cell nuclei and DNA structure of micro-organisms with electromagnetic radiation. UV-C lamps have recently been used en masse in hospitals to clean accommodations.

Could a combination of air filters, an ionizer and a UV-C lamp be the ultimate weapon to protect us from harmful aerosols?

Healthy and virus-free air with AirExchange® air purifiers

Air purifiers therefore seem to be the solution to effectively switch off virus particles, without having to open the window all winter to supply clean air.

AirExchange® has been working since the beginning of the pandemic to combine these filters and UV-C technology in one all-in-one air purifier, which purifies ambient air from virus particles, bacteria, fungi and harmful aerosols. Unlike other air purifiers, it is AirExchange® system equipped with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, ionizer and a UV-C lamp, so that the air is not only cleaned from one specific substance, but from all possible harmful substances.

This innovative and unique combination provides a virus, bacteria and fungus elimination effectiveness of> 99.99% .

Whether living rooms, classrooms, treatment rooms and sports areas, the AirExchange® air cleaning system is an extremely efficient solution in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.

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