Air purification in your gym

AirExchange® is a recognized supplier of professional air cleaning systems for gyms. With our air purifiers, your staff can work safely and your customers can come and exercise without having to worry.

Our air cleaning systems are used in gyms throughout Europe to reduce the risk of contamination. They purify the air several times per hour with an efficiency of over 99.995% per filtration cycle.

A safe sporting environment through clean indoor air

Negative QR tests, mouth caps or a temporary lockdown. Measures and restrictions are constantly changing, with many athletes still concerned about their safety. Research shows that up to 30% of all diseases are caused by contaminants in the air, such as (fine) dust, pollen, viruses and fungi.

Due to the amount of people, sporting areas are a source of contamination. Especially in rooms where group lessons are given, sufficient ventilation is often difficult and harmful aerosols can therefore float through the air for hours.

How good air quality can contribute to more customers

The main reason for installing an air cleaning system is to regain the trust of the customers. Where in the past general hygiene and clean sports equipment was sufficient, consumers are now demanding more after the pandemic.

Consumers today are increasingly aware of the importance of air quality and ventilation.

Actively measuring and improving air quality gives the customer confidence and immediately improves the company image.

AirExchange® partners with gyms across Europe to get that message across and helps you attract more customers!

How does an air purifier improve the air quality in a sports center?

Air purifying systems have been developed to decrease air pollution. They draw in the air, after which it is purified using filter techniques.

AirExchange® uses a combination of medical HEPA and carbon filtration and UV-C light treatment. These cleaning techniques capture and eliminate harmful aerosols.

In addition to the coronavirus (COVID-19), our systems are extremely effective in cleaning bacteria, gases, smoke, pollen and (fine) dust.

Safety is not only a primary concern for visitors, employees also want to feel safe at work. Healthy, happy employees are more productive and increase profitability by 12 percent, according to research.

What makes AirExchange® the best choice?

Air purifying systems come in all shapes and sizes. With AirExchange® you are opting for a professional, durable product that will last for years.

Every detail has been considered in the design of the systems. As an example: we created an updraft that ensures that you or your customers never experience any draft.

Where other brands offer large, noisy machines, AirExchange® has a range of stylish air purifiers that blend in perfectly with any room.

Our goal is a healthy indoor climate for everyone. That is why we are happy to help you make the right choice for your space!

Most chosen air purifiers by sports centers

AirExchange 600-T 

€997,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,30 per day

Beautiful, black design combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 600m³/h.

AirExchange 750-T 

€1197,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,55 per day

Tough, black design combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 750m³/h.

AirExchange 1500-T 

€2950,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €2,80 per day

The most powerful air purifier. Suitable for large spaces up to 200m². Cleaning capacity of 1500m³/h.