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Does an air purifier work against hay fever?

A wonderful spring or a long hay fever season?

Spring has arrived, the days are getting longer, the sun is feeling warmer and the grass is getting greener. For many people, the springseason is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. But for about 20% of the population (expected 50% by 2030), spring is the start of endless sneezing, itchy eyes and coughing. In short, the start of a new hay fever season. 

Hay fever: an allergy to pollen

Hay fever is an allergy caused by pollen from flowering grasses, plants and trees. On warmer days with a lot of sun, flowering increases strongly, so that more pollen is present in the air. The soft summer breeze then ensures that the pollen are spread quickly. Because we often have the window or door open on hot days, the pollen can easily enter our homes. 

People with an allergy to (specific) pollen have an allergic reaction after the pollen is inhaled. The body produces the substance "histamine", causing the body's defense system to overreact. For example, the "harmless" complaints of hay fever can be;

  • Nose complaints, such as itching, sneezing or a runny nose
  • Eye complaints, such as itchy and burning eyes
  • Headache (whether or not caused by the nose complaints)
  • Cough complaints
  • Irritation of the skin (rare)
  • Concentration loss (up to 40% shows research!)
  • Fatigue
  • Flu feeling

Do I have Hay fever or Corona?

The symptoms associated with a severe hay fever are in many cases similar to those of COVID-19. But how do you know if you have hay fever or Corona?

Most hay fever patients are aware of the annually recurring complaints. When someone develops hay fever symptoms for the first time, this can cause a lot of unrest, especially at this time. Testing and keeping your distance is still necessary, even if you suspect that it is (probably) a case of hay fever symptoms.

From research it has been found that hay fever patients stay at home for an average of five working days (per year) because of hay fever complaints. Many people do not state the real reason, because they think that people without hay fever cannot imagine how serious the complaints are.

Is Antihistamine the solution?

Today there are many hay fever medicines available at local drug stores, such as nasal sprays, eye drops, tablets and oral solution. Examples of these are cetirizine, loratadine, Xylometazoline, oxymetazoline and tramazoline. With these agents the production or action of the body's own histamine production is inhibited, so that the allergic reaction of the body does not occur or prevents it to a lesser extent. 

However, there are many adverse effects associated with the use of these medications, including fatigue and loss of concentration. This is therefore not always the solution we are looking for.

Reduce hay fever complaints with air purification!

The solution is actually much easier than we think! 

By effectively cleaning the ambient air and eliminating the presence of pollen, the AirExchange® air purifying systems make certain that the histamine limit of the body is not reached. This makes it possible to go outside more often and have no or less hay fever complaints.

The Professional AirExchange ® air cleaning systems can remove pollen for more than 99.99%.

Our systems have a unique, 360° filter combination (including HEPA H13 filter), which captures all types of pollen. In addition, the AirExchange ® air purifiers a professional cleaning capacity of up to 750m³ / hour, which makes it possible to completely clean large areas (such as offices or large living rooms) several times per hour.

We have now alleviated the complaints of dozens of hay fever patients. Can we help you too?
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