Air purification in your treatment room

AirExchange® is a recognized supplier of professional air purifying systems for contact professions. With our air purifiers you are able to stay focused and safe at work. Furthermore, customers can visit your practice room, completely carefree.

Research shows that as much as 30% of all absence due to sickness is caused by contaminants in the air, such as (fine) dust, pollen, viruses and fungi.

In waiting areas and treatment rooms, ventilation is often difficult and harmful aerosols can float through the air for hours. 
Our air cleaning systems are used worldwide in dental practices, by physiotherapists and general practitioners, by chiropractors and in waiting areas. 

The systems purify the air several times per hour with an efficiency of more than 99.995% per filtration cycle. 


How does an air purifier improve the air quality in a room?

Air purifying systems have been developed to decrease air pollution. They draw in the air, after which it is purified using filter techniques. 

AirExchange® uses a combination of medical HEPA and carbon filtration and UV-C light treatment. These cleaning techniques capture and eliminate harmful aerosols.

In addition to the coronavirus (COVID-19), our systems are extremely effective in cleaning bacteria, gases, smoke, pollen and (fine) dust. 

According to scientific research, employees are healthier and more productive when air quality is taken into account. End the day as fresh as you started it!

What makes AirExchange® the best choice?

Air purifying systems come in all shapes and sizes. With AirExchange® you are opting for a professional, durable product that will last for years. 

Every detail has been considered in the design of the systems. As an example: we created an updraft that ensures that you or your customers never experience any draft.

Where other brands offer large, noisy machines, AirExchange® has a range of stylish air purifiers that blend in perfectly with any room.

Our goal is a healthy indoor climate for everyone. That is why we are happy to help you make the right choice for your space!

The unique features of our air purifiers

Medical HEPA Filtration

The AirExchange® air purifiers are equipped with a medical grade HEPA filter, which can achieve a cleaning efficiency of more than 99.995% per filtration cycle.

These filters are used in the aerospace industry and are extremely effective for cleaning (ultra) small particles.

Powerful UV-C light treatment

Our systems use a powerful UV-C light treatment (ultraviolet, electromagnetic, short-wave radiation). 

This renders the nuclei of all remaining micro-organisms harmless, without releasing harmful substances (such as ozone).

VORTEX technology

Our unique VORTEX technology creates an upward airflow, causing an overpressure of clean air at the top of the room and pushing the contaminants downwards, towards the device. 

The advantage? Effective cleaning of all corners of the room and no draft side-effects. 

Super quiet and accessible

Due to the unique build-up of the systems, our air purifiers are extremely quiet. Combined with a high cleaning capacity, our systems are suited for the purification of large spaces where silence is desired. 

In our application you can control the device remotely, set a work schedule and see all the data that is measured by the sensors.

Most chosen air purifiers for contact professions

AirExchange 150-T 

€297,- incl. VAT

With a timeless, white design, specially designed for smaller office spaces and treatment rooms. The maximum is 150m³/h.

AirExchange 600-T 

€997,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,30 per day

Stylish, white design combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 600m³/h.

AirExchange 750-T 

€1197,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,55 per day

Elegant, anthracite housing combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 750m³/h.