Air purification in hospitals

Every day, patients, staff and visitors come and go in a hospital. Now that face masks and a negative corona test are no longer mandatory, it is impossible to determine which harmful pollutants might be in the air inside a hospital.

These pathogens can be harmful and sometimes even fatal, especially for sick patients with a weakened immune system. How can we offer these patients extra protection?

With air cleaning systems, these harmful substances can be removed from the air quickly and effectively, so that the risk of contamination is reduced by up to twelve times.

Less sick leaves due to air purification

Healthcare workers continue to give their all to keep medical care running. At the same time they must be ready for all patients with COVID-19, with all the risks of becoming infected themselves. An incredible achievement! 

How can good air quality contribute to support your employees? According to scientific research, a room with as little contamination as possible leads to considerably less absenteeism among staff. 

Our professional air cleaning systems are suitable for hospitals and medical cleanrooms. With our systems we protect your patients, but especially your employees and colleagues.

How do I ensure fresh, clean air in my medical room?

Ventilating with open windows and doors is the easiest way to bring oxygen into the room. But what if that is not possible because it is a sealed medical room?

Air cleaning systems suck in the air, after which the air is purified using filter techniques. In addition, the AirExchange® 1500-VT is able to purify the air and supply fresh air from outside at the same time.

With the HEPA filter and UV-C light treatment, virus particles, bacteria, particulate matter and pollen are captured and eliminated. This cleans the indoor air and only 100% clean air enters the room.

Why is AirExchange® the right choice?

Air quality is important, but so is a quiet space where you can work with concentration. With AirExchange® you opt for a professional product that can clean your room quietly.

We are a recognized supplier of air cleaning systems for care centers, hospitals and medical areas throughout Europe. Our systems are fully certified and are made of durable materials that last for years.

Our goal is a healthy indoor climate for everyone. Are you considering air purifiers to keep your staff and patients safe? Contact us and we will give you personal advice to make the right choice.

Most chosen air purifiers for hospitals

AirExchange 150-T 

€297,- incl. VAT

With a timeless, white design, specially designed for smaller office spaces and treatment rooms. The maximum is 150m³/h.

AirExchange 600-T 

€997,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,30 per day

Stylish, white design combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 600m³/h.

AirExchange 750-T 

€1197,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,55 per day

Elegant, anthracite housing combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 750m³/h.