Air purification in healthcare

Healthcare has suffered the recent years due to the pandemic. There is a shortage of staff, an increase in the number of patients and a lack of resources. Elderly care is often already understaffed and the pandemic has only made the situation worse.

Residents of a nursing home are often extra vulnerable when infected with the corona virus. Entire departments must be quarantined to prevent frail elderly people from becoming infected. 

Air cleaning systems provide protection against viruses and other pathogens by eliminating them before they can infect someone. With air purifiers in the common areas, the risk of infection in healthcare institutions is reduced by up to twelve times.

Less sick leaves due to air purification

With the loss of staff due to illness, elderly people who need care and guidance are often left alone and there is a long waiting time for care.

According to scientific research, 21% of all absenteeism in healthcare is due to stress and as many as 30% is caused by viruses and other pathogens. 

Our professional air cleaning systems significantly reduce absenteeism due to illness. With fewer sick colleagues, the workload remains manageable and we are also able to reduce stress-related absenteeism. 

Being actively involved in air quality ensures healthier colleagues and therefore better care for all residents! 

How does it work?

The air is cleaned with filters: air is sucked in through the bottom of the air purifier, after which the filters ensure that all unwanted particles are captured and then switched off. 

The size of the particles that can be captured depends on the density of the filters. All AirExchange® systems are equipped with HEPA filters. These stop more than 99.995% of all virus particles and bacteria each time the air passes through them.

With our AirExchange® air cleaning systems, we are active in healthcare institutions throughout Europe and Scandinavia. The systems are plug-and-play and therefore only need to be connected to a power outlet.

Why an AirExchange®?

Our goal is a healthy indoor climate for everyone. To achieve this goal, our systems use a unique filter combination and are made of sustainable materials. 

This means that the systems will last years and ensure that your colleagues and residents can always enjoy clean air without any worries.

Are you considering air purifiers? We are happy to help you with personal advice to make the best choice for your situation.

Most chosen air purifiers for healthcare

AirExchange 150-T 

€297,- incl. VAT

With a timeless, white design, specially designed for smaller office spaces and treatment rooms. The maximum is 150m³/h.

AirExchange 600-T 

€997,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,30 per day

Stylish, white design combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 600m³/h.

AirExchange 750-T 

€1197,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,55 per day

Elegant, anthracite housing combined with powerful performance. Cleaning capacity of 750m³/h.