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Viruses, bacteria and fungi don't stand a chance!

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems use the latest UV-C technology and are therefore equipped with the ultimate weapon against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Using this innovative technology, virus, bacteria or fungi can be eliminated with an effectiveness of more than 99.99%. With this technology we are taking up arms against COVID-19.

Immediately cleaning power (Clean Air Delivery Rate – CADR) see you soon 
750 m3/h rooms are cleaned up to 4x as fast as other systems. 

In addition to our Stand-Alone units, we can also process our technology in your HVAC system, view our built-in systems page

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems create optimal air quality for an affordable price.

Protect your health, that of your customers, employees, patients, visitors & guests!

A haircut with good air quality, one less worry!

After being closed for a period, the hair salons can open again! The measures we are used to from the previous lockdowns are again in force, from distance to the use of mouth masks and disinfectants. 

After hospitality workers, who are the highest-risk professions with regard to being infected with the prevailing SARS-Cov-2 virus, employees in the hairdressing industry walk next the most risk (AD, 2021). All the more reason to do everything you can to minimize the chance of infection! It deserves extra attention for more distance between colleagues, because this was often not kept during the second lockdown. 

In addition, the role of aerosols, to which the virus particles can adhere and end up deeper in the lungs, is also an increasingly recognized danger. The latter is recognized by the WHO and several expert medical researchers, with Germany, France and Austria in particular taking the lead in innovations to tackle these aerosols. Our systems are capable of persistently tackling these aerosols with a high CADR! For more information about the operation of the Stand-Alone units, please contact: here justly. 

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems create optimal air quality
for an affordable price.

Protect your health, that of your teachers, students & guests!

Our advanced filter combination

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems are equipped with an extremely powerful, 360° degree filter combination. With this advanced and unique filter combination, the AirExchange® air purifiers can achieve unparalleled performance. Professional performance that guarantees optimal cleaning.

Our filter combination has a total of 5 powerful filter types, each with their own purifying properties:

► Antibacterial Pre-filter with fiber mesh and stirilizing non-woven fabric
► HEPA H13 antimicrobial peptide filter with a total surface area of ​​up to 6.8m2
► Carbon filter with activated carbon
► PPhotocatalytic TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) nanofilter with natural ionization
► 254NM UV-C lamp

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems can achieve a virus, bacteria and fungus elimination effectiveness of more than 99.99%!

The AirExchange® air cleaning systems can achieve a virus, bacteria and fungus elimination effectiveness of
more than 99.99%!

The perfect balance between
design & functionality

We consider the appearance of our air cleaning systems to be just as important as the functionality. That is why our designers have been looking for the perfect balance between design & functionality.

By carefully studying air flows and including them in the design process, a timeless design with maximum performance has been created. 

We call it 'Pureness'.

'Normal ventilation systems offer insufficient protection, or sometimes even no protection at all against harmful aerosols and virus particles'

RIVM - Aerogenic spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Less suffering from allergies

There are various areas in which the systems can come into their own. It is especially of added value in common areas where several people are present or careful ventilation is not possible. In addition to the main room where customers are cut, you can also think of:

► Waiting areas
► Canteens
► Receptions
► Office spaces
► Meeting rooms

Furthermore, the AirExchange® air cleaning systems contribute to improving the health of yourself, customers and your colleagues, by actively cleaning the working and learning environment of viruses, bacteria, fungi, odors, gases and pollen. This way you reduce the number of absenteeism days and everyone ends the day feeling refreshed.

In addition to removing animal dander and pollen from the air, our systems can also: VOC (volatile organic compounds) remove from the air. This last aspect in particular can reduce allergic reactions and long-term complaints in the hairdressing salon. Blisters, itching or red spots Caused by some hairdressers developing an allergic reaction to substances present in hair dyes and other hairdressing products. Such an allergy is built up slowly, which is caused by prolonged (can take years!) exposure to small molecules present in the hair products. Strong examples of a developed allergy, is for ammonium persulfate in bleaching agents or p-phenylenediamine (PPD), a substance that darkens hair dye. Cleaning the air several times in the room can greatly reduce these irritations to, among other things, the respiratory tract and skin.


Air Quality Indicator

Indicator - Green


The air quality is perfect! You can now take full advantage of clean breathing air.

Indicator - Orange


The air quality is poor. The air in the room is insufficiently filtered.
Activate the 'SMART' function to purify the air.

Indicator - Ed


The air quality is bad. You are advised not to enter the room.
Activate the 'SMART' function to purify the air.

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Why should you choose AirExchange® professional air cleaning systems?
With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of up to 750m3 / hour, rooms are cleaned at a rapid speed.
This is up to 4 times more powerful compared to other air purifiers in the market.
With less than 22dB, the AirExchange® air purifiers are extremely quiet.
You can literally hear a pin drop.
A unique combination of filter techniques that offers you maximum protection.
The AirExchange® air cleaning systems use the latest filtering techniques that effectively clean the ambient air.
The AirExchange® air purifiers are fully automatic.
The advanced, internal software measures the local air quality several times per second and immediately adjusts the cleaning program accordingly.
You want only the highest quality.
The AirExchange® air cleaning systems are produced with the utmost precision and care. The systems are provided with a durable finish, so that they will last for years.
The AirExchange® air purifiers are maintenance-friendly.
The device automatically informs you when the filter set needs to be replaced. You can then exchange it very easily.
A plug-and-play system that you can place anywhere.
The AirExchange® systems are plug-and-play and can be placed in any desired area. Connect the plug and the device will do the rest. As simple as that!
With our convenient WIFI application you are always in control. Anywhere.
Ideal if, for example, you are on the way to the office and want to clean the room before entering it.
You can rely on the best service support.
At AirExchange® we are proud of our customer support.
We are always available for you, and we always will be!
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You are always in control with our convenient application

With our easy-to-use app you can check and operate your AirExchange® air purifier anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at home or at work, you are always in control!

The application is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Ordered before 12:00 p.m. on working days = shipped the same day!

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Experiences of others

COVID-19 has shut down our store. After a difficult start-up, our regular customers know that we actively clean up our space. This is highly measurable in our recurring visitor numbers. THANKS!
Mila Boersma
Shopmanager at VERS&GO
I started looking for an air purification system to keep the air in my practice clean for the patients and my staff. Working or ventilating with open windows is not always easy and comfortable. I am very satisfied. Does not make too much noise, purifies and has a nice design.
Esther Blaauw
Owner of Chiropractic Blaauw
With my strong pollen allergy, I have already used up all my days off. After installing the AirExchange® 750-T, my hay fever is a thing of the past. I can finally breathe again!

The quality of the product and the way in which it is packaged is truly phenomenal!
Jeffrey Bakker
Financial Advisor