Air purification during your meeting

Meeting rooms are often a place where people come and go. During internal meetings, visiting customers and the Friday lunch, quite a lot of harmful substances can be exhaled, which can float in space for hours.

AirExchange® is a recognized supplier of professional air cleaning systems for office spaces and companies. With our air purifiers you can create a safe meeting room, without having to worry about getting infected with viruses or other harmful substances.

Our air cleaning systems constantly measure the number of particles in the room, after which the device automatically determines in the wind speed it needs to apply to clean the room effectively.

The result? Clean are and a safe meeting. 

How does an air purifier improve the air quality in a room?

Our air purifiers have been developed to combat air pollution. Air is inhaled through the bottom of the system, after which it is purified using filter techniques. 

The filter combination of medical HEPA and carbon filtration and UV-C light treatment ensures that more than 99.995% of the substances are captured each time the air passes through the system. 

In addition to the coronavirus (COVID-19), our systems are extremely effective in cleaning bacteria, gases, smoke, pollen and (fine) dust. 

According to scientific research, customers feel more comfortable and employees are healthier and more productive when the company pays attention to the air quality. End the day as fresh as you started it!

How can i reduce the CO2 level?

In closed spaces with many people and limited ventilation options, such as a conference room, the CO2-levels can rise quickly.

Elevated CO2-values are associated with a low oxygen level, which can lead to concentration problems, symptoms of fatigue and headaches. 

The easiest way to reduce CO2 -levels is by opening the doors and windows. Unfortunately, this is not always possible during a meeting and in the cold winter months. 

As a solution to decrease CO2we have the AirExchange® 1500-VT. This system can supply fresh outside air and clean the air in a room at the same time. 

The result? A low CO2-level and a healthy indoor climate without harmful substances!

What makes AirExchange® the best choice?

Air purifying systems come in all shapes and sizes. With AirExchange® you are opting for a professional, durable product that will last for years.

Our systems are specially designed for spaces where people come together and where silence is crucial to stay concentrated.

Our systems clean whisper quietly and due to the unique Vortex technology, people in the room won't experience any draft.

Our goal is a healthy indoor climate for everyone. That is why we are happy to help you make the right choice for your space!

Most chosen air purifiers for meeting rooms

AirExchange 150-T 

€297,- incl. VAT

With a timeless, white design, specially designed for smaller office spaces and meeting rooms. The maximum cleaning capacity is 150m³/h.

AirExchange 600-T 

€997,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,30 per day

Stylish, black design combined with powerful performances. Cleaning capacity of 600m³/h.

AirExchange 750-T 

€1197,- incl. VAT
Or lease for only €1,55 per day

Robust, black housing combined with powerful performances. Cleaning capacity of 750m³/h.