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A new collaboration between Deltaplan Ventilatie Onderwijs & AirExchange®

Delta Plan Ventilation Education

Deltaplan Ventilatie Onderwijs has long been committed to an open, healthy and hybrid learning environment. A healthy learning environment is now more topical than ever. For example, on September 28, 2020, in the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Minister de Jonge, during the communication of the tightened measures, the urgency of good air quality in education was once again mentioned.


Deltaplan Ventilatie Onderwijs is committed to a healthy living, working and learning environment within education.

The National Coordination Team Ventilation in Schools (LCVS)

The National Coordination Team Ventilation in Schools (LCVS), led by Doekle Terpstra, has launched a study to obtain a geographic picture of ventilation in schools. 

In this study, the Coordination Team found that only 38 percent of the school buildings surveyed meet the existing standards for healthy ambient air quality in classrooms, gymnasiums, teachers' rooms and canteens. 

Of the surveyed school buildings, 777 schools were found not to meet the legal ventilation standards . A shocking number!


That is why the cabinet decided on October 1, 2020 to make 360 ​​million euros available for the improvement of air ventilation systems in school buildings.


Want to read more about the LCVS research? Then click on the link below.


The importance of good ventilation is crucial for the learning performance of both students and teachers. The supply of clean outside air renews the oxygen and reduces the amount of harmful substances in the ambient air. Good indoor air quality also has a positive effect on work productivity. 

That is why Delta Plan Ventilation Education has put together a range of smart CO2 meters , with which the effective supply of fresh outside air within classrooms can be measured. The AurAir is an excellent example of this.

The addition to this smart CO2 meter is of course .. ventilation ! And how better to ventilate than with an AirExchange air cleaning system ®.

Our collaboration

Delta Plan Ventilation Education and AirExchange® have entered into a partnership to make a major contribution to a healthy living, working and learning environment within education. A collaboration that we are very proud of!

In this way, students, teachers and staff involved will soon be able to return to school without any worries.
A place that must be safe ..

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