AirExchange 1500-VT Heater

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The AirExchange® 1500-VT Heater is a compact heating element that can be easily attached to the 1500-VT system to heat the room cost efficiently. 

The system has a total heating capacity of 1500W (1.5kW) and is equipped with an overheating protection and an external thermostat, with which you determine the ideal temperature. Due to the large, internal glow coil, the drawn in outside air is heated for a long time and optimally. 

The 1500-VT Heater comes standard with a wall thermostat, smart plug, power cord connection, 4x connectors, 2x 
90° bends and 2x wall brackets.

With the smart plug you can easily switch the heating element on or off remotely and even have it operate with a timer function.