AirExchange Filter set 600-T, 750-T

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This filter set is suitable for the AirExchange® 750-T and 600-T models.

The filter set is easy to replace and can be installed in a matter of seconds.
Replace the filter at least once a year for optimal cleaning.

The filter set consists of:
• Antibacterial pre-filter with fiber mesh and sterilization non-woven fabric
• HEPA H14 antimicrobial peptide filter with a total surface area of up to 7.2m²
• Carbon filter with activated carbon
• Photocatalytic TiO₂ (Titanium Dioxide) filter as natural ionizer
• UV-C (253.7nm wavelength ultraviolet) lamp

The dimensions of the filter set are 400mm(H) x 235mm(⌀).
The weight is 2.2 kg.

The most advanced filtration technology

The AirExchange® 600-T is equipped with an extremely powerful filter combination. 
This consists of no less than 5 filtration techniques, each with their own purifying properties.

This advanced and unique filter combination enables the AirExchange® 600-T air purifier to achieve unparalleled performance. Professional performances that guarantee an optimal purification.



1. Antibacterial Pre-Filter

The first protective layer against dust, hair, pollen and dander.

The pre-filter is made of fiber mesh fabric and sterilization nonwoven fabric, and conforms to EN779, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2 standards.


2. HEPA H14 filter

Provides an elimination effectiveness of more than 99.995% against (ultra) fine dust, viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, pollen and fungi.

Our HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) antimicrobial peptide filter with medical H14 class has been developed in accordance with European Standard 1822:2019 of the European Union for the purification of PM1.0 (particulate matter with a minimum diameter of 1.0µm).

Our HEPA filters are suitable for use in medical environments and cleanrooms.


3. Carbon filter

The carbon filter effectively cleans odors, gases, smoke, oils, fats and vapors by incorporating them into the carbon structure.

The carbon filter is also effective for purifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other harmful substances.

With up to 700 grams(!) of activated carbon, our filter is one of the most effective carbon filters available.


4. Titanium Dioxide Ionizer

The self-cleaning, photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) mesh filter eliminates micro-organisms under the influence of UV light.

Photocatalysis air purification is one of the most efficient and sustainable methods to purify contaminants even faster. For example, micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are rapidly decomposed. 

We do not use ESP. (electronic) ionization, so no harmful substances such as ozone gas are released when using our systems!


5. UV-C light treatment

The powerful ultraviolet radiation damages the photolytic processes in the nuclei of the remaining tiny microorganisms.

The ultraviolet radiation damages the photolytic processes in the nuclei of the remaining, tiny micro-organisms, causing them to be eliminated indefintely.

What remains is pure, clean air that allows you to breathe optimally!

Eliminate harmful particles

The HEPA filter with medical grade H14 removes more than 99.995% of particles with a size of 0.3μm and even captures ultra-fine particles smaller than 0.01μm. Smaller particles are eliminated by the powerful UV-C light source. All gasses and harmful vapors are retained in the carbon filter by the activated carbon.

Viruses 0.12μm

eg SARS-CoV-2 / H1N1

Bacteria 1μm

eg S. Aureus

Pollen 10-100μm

eg Grass pollen

Fungi 1-30μm

eg S. Chartarum

(fine) dust 0.3-100μm

eg Soot particles

Volatile Compounds 0.05μm

eg Formaldehyde