It is the international week of education and our theme is 'learning, growing and playing safely'!

Make classrooms safe again with air purification

Last week we have demonstrated our systems in the Brabanthallen 's Hertogenbosch at the KindVak Fair!

Together with our colleagues from JBTLED Europe, we showed our tailor-made solution for a healthy indoor climate in education.

The KindVak fair is aimed at childcare and during this 3-day event we spoke to countless curious education professionals!

Watch our video for an impression of our exhibition stand!

"Don't leave our children out in the cold all winter"

The ViRoTower® is a professional air cleaning system with a cleaning capacity of 1500m³/h, with which areas up to 200m² can be completely cleaned of harmful substances several times an hour.

With HEPA H14 filtration and UV-C light treatment, we ensure that more than 99.995% of all virus particles such as the coronavirus, but also bacteria and pollen are purified.

With the help of smart measuring sensors, everyone in education can enjoy clean air without any manual adjustments.

Playing is fun, but of course preferably not with the buttons of the air purifier.
That is why the ViRoTower® is equipped with a protective cover, so that only the person with the application can control the system. 

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