HBO Marketing Intern Vacancy: Social Media Marketing

We are looking for a professional to be who can support us in Gouda! Are you eager to learn, motivated, business-minded and do you want to work in a socially responsible environment? Then this internship is definitely for you!

Ventilation and air quality play an increasingly important role in indoor spaces these days. Both the WHO (World Health Organization) and the European government agencies now recognize the role of aerosols in the spread of COVID-19 and are increasingly trying to take additional measures to improve air quality.

AirExchange sells professional, visually appealing air cleaning systems that actively filter virus particles from the air. Since the start of the pandemic, AirExchange has been working to make indoor spaces such as offices, gyms and treatment rooms safer. We are now active throughout Europe and have built up a large partner network. 

Are you motivated to get started in this setting? Then we would be happy to talk to you to see exactly how the research will be fleshed out! There is plenty to do, so your interests will surely come into their own with us. Just check whether your profile largely matches ours:

  • HBO education/HBO work and thinking level in the direction of marketing and communication;
  • Knowledge and experience with Social Media;
  • Knowledge and experience with Google Analytics, SEO, SEA & lead generation;
  • A catchy writing style;
  • Command of the Dutch language in word and writing;
  • A commercial and result-oriented hands-on attitude;
  • Strong in communication;
  • A flexible, proactive and independent work attitude;
  • Analytical, with a good dose of creativity;
  • Affinity with personal development and an I-want-to-grow mindset;
  • You want to make a social contribution.

During the internship we work with short lines of communication, we maintain a flexible attitude and we can provide daily guidance. We work together towards a great end result, because your final grades are important to us too! You will work independently, whereby a hybrid form of physical office and working from home can be maintained. Given the flexible internship formulation, a lot of development will be possible in various areas. The atmosphere in which you will work is one of passion, drive and sincerity/responsibility. There is plenty of room for ideas and creativity, you are part of the (cozy) team from day one!

The activities you can dive into:

  • Create Social Media/Website content and manage channels;
  • Google Analytics, SEO, SEA & lead generation;
  • Writing targeted articles;
  • Marketing support for the sale of services and products;
  • Design/compose marketing content.

What can you expect from us?

  • A learning environment with short lines of communication and coaching;
  • The freedom to work independently;
  • Setting goals together;
  • Working on location in combination with working from home;
  • Pleasant, enterprising and stimulating working atmosphere.

In addition to our permanent employees, there is the possibility to work together with a Marketing intern (focused on Business and Marketing Strategy) who will start working in the same period, so that both links can complement each other and we can adjust policy to to achieve the most optimal results in practice!

Are you ready to get started with us? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at