Another winter with the windows and doors open in the classrooms in fear of COVID-19? Not at the schools of Zeister!

Shivering in the classroom because it is freezing?

A healthy and safe learning environment, that is what we contribute to with our air purifying systems!

We have been able to fully equip three primary schools in Zeist with our air cleaning systems, so that the students do not have to sit in a freezing classroom this upcoming winter.

With air purification we ensure the purification of all harmful substances, such as virus particles, particulate matter and pollen. 

Check out our 
video for an impression of the installation day!

Happy children, parents and teachers

In a lot of schools the ventilation in the building is insufficient. This is also the case in the three schools of the Zeister in Zeist.

Ventilation systems cost many tens of thousands of euros. For most schools, this kind of investment is impossible, even with the subsidies available.

Air purification is an affordable solution for education and we provide tailor-made advice for every room. 

Happy children, parents and teachers, because education in Zeist is a lot safer again! 

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