AirExchange provides ventilation and air purification in classrooms at the Coenecoop College in Waddinxveen

A low CO2 level and clean air, that is the combination we always strive for!

For years, the Coenecoop College had to deal with CO2 meters that were constantly flashing red, but they had no budget to invest in a new mechanical ventilation system.  

This holiday season the time had finally come! With six AirExchange 1500-VTs, outside air is now used for ventilation, while the air in the room is cleaned.

With a total capacity of 1500 m³/h, the CO2 level finally remains low and the cleaned air ensures less absenteeism due to illness and better concentration.

Check out our video for an impression of the installation day!

An affordable and quickly installed solution for every classroom!

The waiting time for installing a mechanical ventilation system can sometimes be up to two years and the costs are €30,000 on average per classroom.

An AirExchange 1500-VT is much more affordable and can be installed and delivered in working order within two weeks. 

Are you also interested in improving air quality, or are you curious about what a 1500-VT can do for you? Then we are always there for you!

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