AirExchange installs ventilation and air purification in classrooms at primary school De Weremere in Wormer

Poor air quality, lack of ventilation and noise pollution when the windows are open, what now?

Many classrooms overlook the schoolyard. Ventilating by opening the windows immediately causes a lot of noise and distraction in the classroom.

With a shared passion for creating a healthy and quiet learning environment, we have teamed up with public primary school De Weremere in Wormer to significantly improve the air quality in the classrooms.

Our state-of-the-art and innovative AirExchange 1500-VT works as an air purifier, but also supplies fresh outside air!

By using our 1500-VT, the windows no longer have to be opened and the children no longer have to deal with noise from the schoolyard. 

Check out our 
video for an impression of the installation day!

Together we work on healthy air for the whole world!

With our air purifiers, the students and teachers can now enjoy a learning environment that is free of allergens, bacteria and other pollutants. This not only contributes to their physical well-being, but also to their ability to concentrate and productivity.

Together we have taken a step towards a healthier future for the students, in which they can focus on their growth and development, without having to worry about air quality.

Interested in improving the air quality in your school, office or other environment? Then we are always ready to help you!

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