AirExchange® at the REHACARE – International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care in Dusseldorf

Incredible turnout and lots of enthusiasm

What an energy and what a turnout! No less than 35,000 people visited the REHACARE – International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care and we were there with our AirExchange® air purifiers and humidifiers!

Together with our German colleagues, we were able to talk to hundreds of visitors at the fair in Düsseldorf about the importance of air purification, air humidification and a healthy indoor climate with an overwhelming number of positive reactions!

Are you curious about our exhibition presentation? Watch the video for a short impression!

The importance of air quality in healthcare

In healthcare, most residents spend their time indoors.

Healthcare workers continue to fight to keep all healthcare running while treating all patients with COVID-19, with all the risks of becoming infected themselves.

Good air quality is therefore crucial, not only in the room, but also in all public areas.

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